We can roast your chile for you. We have 20 roasting machines on site to roast your chile. A lot of people have roasting parties. The smell of roasted chile is something you will never forget. But roasting a sack of chile on a bar-b-que is an all day job. We have a service called pre-paid chile. You order your chile, pay for it in advance, and we set a date and time for you to pickup. You show up at that date and time, and we hand you your chile, fresh or roasted in minutes. For roasted chile we do not roast your chile till you show up and check in. For fresh chile you will be there about 5 or 10 minutes. Roasted  chile, you will be there about 20 minutes after you have checked in. No, waiting in line, like at the grocery stores. We can roast your chile in about 15 minutes. Our chile comes in a 38 pound gunny sack. We roast the chile, put it in a plastic bag, then put the plastic bag back into the gunny sack, and you are ready to go. If you are coming from a long distance, most people bring coolers to put the chile into, to start cooling the chile down. The chile is still cooking, even after it goes back into the gunny sack. 

We can roast your chile

Roasted Chile in catch basin
Chile dropping into catch basin

EL Rey Farms

We Have Real Hatch Chile


One of EL Rey Farms roasting machines, we have 20, to roast your chile for you